Monday, June 22, 2009


What an exciting week we had!
My little girl graduated from pre-K and is off to kindergarten next year.

Its been an exciting year full of changes and getting use to the idea that our little girl was ready to take the next step. She won an award for being creative, they presented all of the children with one of the 66 points of living each day with God that most represented the child.
They were also given diplomas and it was so sweet at how serious these little ones were and how proud they were of their accomplishments.

Congrats baby girl we are so proud of you!

I missed this weeks We Love to Read blog so here is one for today!

Since it is out graduation week lets do an educational Loves to Read.

Bob Books The books are a joint effort by husband and wife team Bobby Lynn Maslen and award winning illustrator John Maslen.

My friend Lynn told me about these wonderful readers. My little one wanted to read on her own and the problem I kept facing was the readers I was finding were about TV cartoons and many did not concentrate on the proper formation of words and sentences. These books have been a dream we are now on level five and still enjoying them every step of the way.

We found the entire set on Amazon and saved so if your looking for some of these check out their site.

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