Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Peek and We Love to Read Wednesday

A peek at "Cottontail" from "Peasant Valley"
Gorgeous fabrics in our classic design style.
I have so many designs to share but I am doing my best to be patient but its hard! So I figured you would enjoy a peek this week.

This week we enjoyed the
Dream Shop
written by Katharine Kenah illustrated by Peter Catalanotto
It delivers a story about where your dreams can take you. The story is about two friends who go to The Dream Shop and are able to pick out what they want their dreams to be about.

Its also a great book to discuss the good and bad dreams that our kids have and help them to understand.

We call it Dream Land in our house and try to make going to bed fun racing to see who can make it there first.
I hope you enjoy this one.

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