Friday, December 18, 2009

Royal Yummies

Seriously I can't believe that I have not had time to post in so long but life has been in overdrive during this holiday shipping season. I was in a bit of shock and excited that my newest addition, Royal Yummies had an amazing start! I can't thank everyone enough for their support and encouragement.

Today I packaged and shipped the last of the orders that will make it in time for the holidays. Not since my college days, and believe me that seems long ago have I pulled the famous "all nighter". I am working on about 10 hours of sleep for the last three days and cant wait to get a full night of sleep in tonight! In two weeks time I have hand crafted 371 pieces of Eco Felt Goodies!!!!

It has been so much fun creating fun pieces that are also earth friendly. I cant wait to see photos of all of my newest Royal Rugrats kids enjoying their new goodies:)

That's it for now:)

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